Wednesday, August 15, 2007

RWF Range: Day 1

Actually, it's the Redwood Falls Sportsman's Club but, the name would indicate that it was a place for men to go and talk of manly things while honing their hunting skills; afterward, drinking scotch in a log clubhouse with a roaring fire; The walls adorned with animal heads from around the world.

This is our second time out there, both times with women, talking about ridiculously stupid things like rail-mounted iPods and trying to find our six degrees to Kevin Bacon.  We have yet to find the clubhouse, fire or scotch (probably a good thing for us and them).

Side-note: After reading the manual for for my rifle, I found that drinking alcohol and operating firearms may be a bad thing.  No kidding.

For all of it's naming inaccuracies, it is a nice place to go for some stress therapy.
  • Six pistol lanes - Two steel, four paper
  • Three lanes for trap shooting (one appeared inoperable)
  • Three rifle lanes (300m)
It's well maintained and designed.  We ended up expending over 250 rounds on the steel targets and forgot all about taking photos or video.  We'll probably head back out today for the paper targets.

Work only interrupted the fun for three hours today.

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