Thursday, July 10, 2008

Destiny, is that you?

That's not really the first thing I thought when my almost brand new cheapy, yet nice, Samsung A737 cell phone broke.

Let me rewind. So there I was (how all good stories begin), in the lobby of the hotel ready to move out at the specified time. "Quick! Check to see if you're on time!" As I whip out the phone, the first thing I think is, "That's not my wallpaper..."

Thought two was, "Tina's going to think I did this on purpose..." I would too, If I weren't me, and I am, so I don't.  The point being, it's strange that the LCD on my, "It will last me until I can afford an iPhone" phone would break the day before the release of the new 3G iPhone.

Coincidental, accidental or completely not my fault? The real "You decide, '08!"

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