Friday, November 14, 2008

Looking for the Pony

So the story goes:

A father had two sons who were night and day in their attitudes. One complained, and was pessimistic about life while the other was optimistic, cheery and found happiness in everything he did.

One morning, the father decided to give his sons something different for the holidays. The first son came downstairs to find under the tree every present he had ever asked for. Sadly, the son muttered, "If I play with them they'd probably break."

Hearing his brother, the second son ran down stairs to find his present, a huge pile of manure. He was off, sprinting through the house and yard looking through closets and cabinets, giggling the whole way. When his father caught up to him he asked, "Son, what are you doing? What are you looking for?"

Hardly able to contain his excitement, the son smiled and answered, "With a pile of manure that big, there has to be a pony around here somewhere!"
It is with that attitude, after enduring the last the last week of lines to nowhere, lack of common sense, and overall... manure, that I think, "Where is that damned pony?"

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Joe Roos said...

It's around here somewhere, Battle. I think the J6 is holding it until they approve it's use.