Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome Back to Iraq

So, as you might know, I'm back in the sandbox for more of deployment fun. Our journey in-to-country was a bit different from the rest.Rather than stopping in Kuwait for five days to shoot ten rounds at the range, myself and few others picked up an almost direct flight from McChord to Basra International. It was a nice fight if you don't mind sleeping across the flight seats with a metal rod stuck in you spine. The other choice with the cold metal floor, which seemed to be surprisingly better. I was planning on getting photos of the scheduled midair refueling, but slept right through it.

The seats at our one stop, Ramstein, reaffirmed my belief that I may have joined the wrong armed force. Nice, soft chairs to sleep... Oh wait, time to get back on the plane. Nope, wait the flight is delayed. Back to the terminal for some more sleep in the nice soft... The plane is ready to go! Quick get to the... still delayed plane. Well, why don't you guys just wait on the plane, we should be ready to go, in about an hour. Maybe I was wrong about being wrong. Go Army. The last 5ish hour flight was smooth and uneventful.

We arrived at night and when the wheels had stopped and the doors opened the familiar smell of burning plastic, rotting garbage and dust filled the air. Our advanced party greeters picked us up and whisked us away to your new living quarters.

The Containerized Housing Unit (CHU) is a shipping container sized... container... that is split usually into three rooms accessible via doors on one side. I now sleep in a little box, with no lights.
Good times.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Iraq 2008 Begins

Greetings all-

By the time this delayed post goes out, I will have landed safely at our new place, Camp Basra, Iraq. I will try to call you all when I get there but if I don't, understand that it maybe tough as this place is brand new to the US and, from what I've heard, the connectivity just isn't there.

Talk to you all soon. Love-

The Lewis Life

Random Fort Lewis photos.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


It's amazing how closely weaved one can become with others and yet how separate their threads are. Groups are fabricated and unwound at a moment. In that instant, there is a pause.

Can it be that our individuality is our strength, or a weakness?

The cursor blinks in anticipation of what is to come.