Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finding Calm

It hasn't been easy, and I can't say I've been successful.

I've been reminded every few days, "Take some time for yourself. Don't burn yourself out." It's happened before.

I've come into this mission knowing what separation from my friends and family will be like. I've been there before.

The frustration of working with those who find pleasure in inflicting their will on others. I've meet them before.

I feel the stress, the sadness and the anger rising. My neck tightens.

This time, will not be like before. I will find peace in war.
Drink deeply.
Live in seventy and joy.
The Wise person delights in the truth
And follows the law of the awakened.

The farmer channels water to his land.
The fletcher whittles his arrows.
And the carpenter turns his wood.
So the wise direct their minds.

-The Buddha

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